Sentencing for DUI

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Whether a jury or judge finds you guilty of DUI or you plead guilty in a criminal drunk driving case, the sentence you face may include substantial fines, potential jail time, driver's license suspension, and other harsh punishment. At Grabel & Associates, we know the importance of hiring a highly regarded Michigan DUI attorney regardless of the stage your OWI case is in. Having successfully defended clients across the state of Michigan during the investigative, trial, sentencing, and post-conviction stages, we are an aggressive and capable firm dedicated to securing the best possible outcome in your unique case.

Following a conviction for DUI, you will interview with the probation branch of the court regarding past employment, criminal background, education history and even family background. After this interview comes a written exam which basically helps the court determine whether you are susceptible to alcohol or drug addiction, and if so whether a substance abuse program would be beneficial. We understand how stressful and even frightening all of this can be, and provide the support and guidance you need in all aspects of your case including the interview, exam, and sentencing. Ultimately, we want to make certain that you are thoroughly prepared for sentencing following a conviction or guilty plea in your DUI case regardless of where you live in Michigan.

Michigan Drunk Driving Criminal Penalties

Individuals may be charged and convicted of DUI, OWI, or other drunk driving offenses when it is found a person operates a motor vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of more than 0.08%, the legal limit in Michigan. If convicted, you will face sentencing and be penalized according to the offense you committed. For example, a first OWI conviction will leave you facing driver's license suspension, fines, up to 93 days in jail, community service, and more. You may face charges of Super Drunk driving if your BAC is found to be greater than 0.17%, more than twice the legal limit. If convicted for high BAC, penalties may include suspension of your driver's license for up to one year, up to 6 months in jail, increased fines, and more. Subsequent offenses such as a second or third DUI offense result in increased penalties; a third conviction is considered a felony offense. Our DUI lawyers are highly experienced and successful representing clients accused of OWI, DUI, OUIL, and other drunk driving related offenses. We urge you to contact us immediately if you have been convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense and are facing sentencing; we will fight aggressively against harsh punishment.

Aggressive Defense Against DUI Charges in Michigan

As seasoned Michigan OWI attorneys, we understand there are many factors that affect drunk driving cases. Frequently, individuals are convicted on DUI charges even though they were perfectly capable of safely operating a vehicle. There are also many occasions on which breath, blood, or field sobriety tests may be faulty, resulting in a conviction. Police and prosecutors aggressively pursue those who are suspected of driving while intoxicated, often doing everything possible to escalate charges. We thoroughly investigate the details of your case to ensure you are not wrongfully convicted due to faulty evidence, inaccurate or unreliable chemical and field sobriety tests, or mistakes made by police or others in the criminal justice system. We believe in an individual approach, giving your case the attention and careful analysis you deserve to secure positive results.

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Although there are certain penalties handed down for various DUI offenses upon conviction, having a skilled and aggressive defense attorney in your corner can make a difference. At Grabel & Associates, we are ready to begin fighting for you immediately in our efforts to secure a great result. Contact us online, or call 1-800-783-4448 now for a free evaluation and effective defense against harsh drunk driving sentencing.