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Alcohol intoxication is also commonly referred to as 'inebriation' or 'drunkenness,' and is the result or consequence of alcohol entering an individual's bloodstream at a rate faster than the liver can metabolize the alcohol. As a highly regarded Michigan DUI defense law firm, the team at Grabel & Associates wants those who are potentially facing charges of DUI, OWI, drunk driving, or related charges to understand the various levels or 'stages' of alcohol intoxication.

When an individual consumes alcohol, behavior and cognitive skills can be impaired, along with physiological functioning and mood. How an individual is affected often depends on the amount of alcohol the person has consumed over a period of time.

In Michigan, the stages of alcohol intoxication are as follows:

BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) (g/100 ml of blood or g/210 l of breath)

BACStageClinical Symptoms
0.01 - 0.05Sub-clinical StageNearly normal behavior under ordinary observation
0.03 - 0.12EuphoriaTalkativeness, mild feeling of euphoria, increased social ability and self-confidence, lessening of judgment and control, diminished attention, beginning of impairment of sensory/motor skills
0.09 - 0.25ExcitementImpaired balance, unstable emotions, loss of critical judgment, inability to comprehend, memory/perception impaired, lack of sensory-motor coordination, increased reaction time, reduced peripheral vision and visual acuity
0.18 - 0.30ConfusionEmotions exaggerated, slurred speech, disorientation, dizziness, mental confusion, lack of muscular coordination, increased pain tolerance, lethargy, visual disturbances, apathy, distorted visual perception of motion, color, form, and dimensions
0.25 - 0.40StuporInability to walk or stand, marked lack of muscular coordination, vomiting, impaired consciousness, incontinence, noticeable lack of response to stimuli, stupor or sleep, near loss of motor functions
0.35 - 0.50ComaIncontinence, total unconsciousness, below normal body temperature, substantial or total loss of reflexes

DUI Lawyers Defending DUI Charges Involving Blood and Breath Tests

As seasoned Michigan drunk driving attorneys, we understand that the state typically relies on scientific blood or breath tests to prove alcohol intoxication in a defendant. In Michigan, the legal level of intoxication is 0.08%.

Field sobriety tests are frequently also used to determine alcohol intoxication, however how intoxicated an individual may be is questionable as these types of tests rely upon the officer's opinion of level of intoxication. While police are trained and educated in this type of testing, the results are often questionable as this method is not scientific, and it's difficult to swallow the fact that a police officer has determined whether you are acting 'normally,' as up until that point he/she has likely never met you, and thus does not know what 'normal' is for you.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is critical that you consult with a talented lawyer whether your alcohol intoxication level demonstrated that you we behaving normally, that you were super-drunk, or at some stage in between.

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