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Our Team of Aggressive Drunk Driving Attorneys Defend Individuals Accused of Misdemeanor and Felony Crimes in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Throughout Michigan

Individuals who are facing DUI, DWI, OUI, or OUIL drunk driving charges in Michigan must secure the legal guidance and representation of a talented and dedicated criminal defense firm. The penalties you may face include jail time, significant fines, and the loss of your driving privilege. You have constitutional rights, and those rights must be protected. Our DUI attorneys will put all of their skill, experience, and talent to work on your behalf to ensure you are not wrongfully convicted.

At Grabel & Associates, our decades of experience and proven results make us the right choice for individuals in need of a capable Michigan DUI lawyer throughout the state. We realize the seriousness of being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances. Our goal is to help those accused of these types of criminal offenses avoid harsh punishment.

Michigan DUI, OUI, OUIL and OWI Charges

In Michigan, a conviction for drunk driving will leave an individual facing far-reaching consequences which can negatively impact your career, employment opportunities, reputation, every aspect of your life. A conviction will also blemish your driving record permanently. It is illegal to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol content) over 0.08 according to the Michigan Vehicle Code. Any individual who is younger than 21 cannot drive with a BAC over 0.02.

It is critical that you consult with an attorney immediately when facing charges for drunk driving. While prosecutors must prove that you were operating a vehicle while under the influence, and prove this fact beyond a reasonable doubt, a conviction will leave you facing serious penalties.

Contact our team of skilled Michigan DUI attorneys now to defend against related charges including:

Client Testimonials

  • Great law firm! by vmako on City Search

    I needed an attorney to help with a DUI, so I looked in the yellow pages and called several firms. Scott Grabel and Associates was the only firm that virtually guaranteed that I could be successful at getting my driver's license back. The firm was great at letting me know what I needed to do, and supported me every step of the way. Marcie was my direct…

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  • The best attorney in town by Mikeaziz0201 on City Search

    My Driver license was suspended for seven years as a result of 3 DUI and a MIP. Mr. Scott Grabel came very highly recommended through a mutual friend who had the same situation as me. Scott and Marcie walked me through every step of the way. Without them and there help and k nowledgeI would have never gotten my driver license. They know exactly what…

    read more
  • Legal Expertise, Professionalism, Compassion by ACT 1 on City Search

    In addition to being an EXCEPTIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and EXTRAORDINARY attorney, Mr. Grabel is a very compassionate, good, and decent human being. I was in a panic strcken and helpless state when I contacted Mr. Grabel. My son had been arrested for his second DUI and I was hundreds of miles away. I contacted Mr. Grabel who immediately begaIn doing…

    read more
  • Legal Expertise by Joseph1020 on City Search

    The legal system is not my area of expertise. Attorney Scott Grabel saved my life. When I was pulled over and charged with a DUI I found out that the law has changed. What would have been a misdemeanor is now a Felony! You are now charged with all offenses for drinking and driving in a life time being counted together. Drinking and driving offenses…

    read more
  • The right choice by wingznt on City Search

    I was pulled over for speeding and got a dui for being under the leagle limit with my daughters in the truck. At that time I received a child indangerment charge as well. Didn't know what to do or where to go so I called Scott Grabel to represent me. The Grabel law firm got the indangerment charge dropped the dui was reduced to a owi and i didnt go…

    read more
  • The Best Criminal Defense Attorney by JSmichigan on City Search

    I was in need of help badly! I was very selfish and was drinking and driving and by the time I had reached my 5th one, every attorney said I would do jail time. I called Mr. Grabel he spent over a hour on the phone with me trying not only to calm me down but find the reasons why I was drinking so much! I hired Mr. Grabel and I know he fought hard…

    read more
  • Scott Grabel basically saved my life with 2 felony DUI's by AR on City Search

    I interviewed a dozen or so ‘DUI specialists’, and every other attorney I interviewed hastily concluded that I was facing prison, without even getting into my details and spending the time to actually score my record grid. They spent most of their initial interview talking about how much they were going to charge me. Several attorneys gave me ten…

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Our Approach to Charges of Drunk Driving

Because of our decades of experience, our attorneys understand the technology used today in determining whether an individual is indeed under the influence of alcohol or other substances. We also know that test results are not always accurate, nor are tests always performed properly. Whether you have already been arrested, are under investigation or have been convicted of DUI and desire to have your driving privilege restored, we can help.

We take pride in the fact that we produce outstanding results for our clients on a consistent basis, and are recognized throughout Michigan as a premier criminal defense firm. Our team works to ensure the best possible outcome from performing a thorough investigation of the details to analyzing the evidence and reviewing the events that led up to a client's DUI arrest. Police often make mistakes in the course of an arrest; you cannot be pulled over without probable cause, and police may not violate your

constitutional rights. There are many strategies that may be used to provide you with a strong, effective defense depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.eam will fight to ensure you or a loved one avoid a conviction and jail time.

Contact Us Now for Unparalleled Drunk Driving Defense

Regardless of your guilt or innocence, drunk-driving charges can often be beat with the support of a capable and aggressive DUI defense attorney. All members of our team have experience in successfully fighting charges of drunk driving throughout Michigan. The outcome of your case absolutely depends on the quality of lawyer you choose.

Do not hesitate if you are facing a drunk driving charge. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by contacting us online, and offer a free consultation regarding your legal matter. Call our toll free number at 1-800-783-4448 immediately so work can begin on your case.

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Client Reviews

Highly recommended lawyer! Mr. Grabel is very professional and knowledgable. My case happened suddenly on Saturday, but Mr. Grabel is 24/7 on call, which was what I needed. I called on Saturday night and the front desk told me I would hear back from the lawyer shortly. Only 30mins later, I got a call from Mr. Grabel himself and he eased my anxiety quickly by explaining the situation and options I had. I knew I was in good hands. What impressed me most was he is very familiar with the needs of international students and suggested the most proactive plan to my case. We met the next day morning and had a detailed conversation on my case. Mr. Grabel started handling everything immediately after the conversation was over and I received feedback from him for every step he took. Luckily, a few hours later, he found out my case was a ''false alarm", there was no charge nor tickets issued at all. Mr. Grabel was so kind enough to offer a full refund to me though we signed a non-refundable contract.The whole experience was so pleasant and reassuring, I would highly recommend Mr. Scott Grabel to anyone in need, especially to international students!!! Z. W.
Scott Grabel was kind enough to look into my situation and take his time to speak with me free of charge. Most attorneys will not do that. He gave me reassurance that I had nothing to worry about. If I am ever in need of an attorney in the future I will be calling Scott Grabel and will highly recommend him to anyone with a legal issue. G. K.
Scott and Bob achieved exactly the result I was looking for. They were prompt and effective. If I ever have any other legal issues (which hopefully I don't)... I'd certainly work with them again. M. C.