OWPD 1st Offense

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OWPD, or Operating With the Presence of Drugs, is a 'drugged driving' crime in the state of Michigan. While many people associate DUI with drunk driving, it stands for 'driving under the influence,' which can refer to the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or narcotics. An OWPD 1st offense generally will not leave the accused individual facing the severe penalties someone charged with a subsequent offense would face, however the consequences are still extremely serious.

When someone operates a motor vehicle on any public highway or roadway, or area which is generally accessible to other motor vehicles, it is against the law to do so with any amount of drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and other Schedule 1 drugs. You may question what 'any amount' refers to, particularly if trace amounts of a drug remain in an individual's system a week or even longer, although he or she is not actually high while operating a motor vehicle. This is a topic you should discuss with a qualified Michigan OWPD defense attorney at Grabel & Associates.

Michigan Criminal Penalties for Operating with the Presence of Drugs - 1st Offense

All drug crimes in Michigan carry harsh consequences for those convicted; some of these penalties include jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension, and court ordered community service. When you operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of illegal drugs or narcotics, it puts not only yourself, but others in danger.

For a first offense OWPD in Michigan, the penalties you face if convicted depend on certain factors including prior criminal record, and whether anyone was serious injured or killed as a result of your actions. Penalties are exactly the same as those for OWI offenses, and include:

  • Fine of up to $500
  • Potential of up to 93 days in jail
  • Possibility of up to 360 hours of community service
  • 30 day driver's license suspension, followed by 150 days restricted license
  • Possible ignition interlock
  • Possible vehicle immobilization
  • Driver responsibility fees
  • Driver's license - 6 points assigned by DMV

Penalties will be substantially increased if someone is killed or seriously injured as a result of the OWPD crime.

Problems with OWPD

Because of the law stating that an individual may be charged with OWPD if "any amount" of certain drugs are in an individual's system, motorists who are completely sober may be convicted of driving under the influence under this new law, which relies on the analysis of bodily fluids. This is particularly true of marijuana, as metabolites may remain in an individual's body for weeks, although the "high" or psychological effects are long gone.

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