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Indicators of Child Abuse and/or Neglect / What is Child Abuse and Neglect?

The state of Michigan takes the safety and wellbeing of children very seriously. There are strict child endangerment laws in place that outline penalties for child neglect and abuse and mandate certain individuals to report any suspicion of harmful behavior. If you are a parent that has been accused of driving under the influence, you could potentially face a CPS investigation on top of your criminal investigation. This brings added pressure to clearing your name, because the result of your case will also have a big impact on your family.

The Grabel & Associates team has been working on CPS and criminal cases in Michigan for over 15 years. If you need a seasoned attorney to assist you in your DUI case, contact us today via our toll-free hotline. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to start building your customized defense.

Common Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect During DUI

Child abuse and neglect are blanket terms used to cover any action, or lack thereof, that endangers a child. You can be charged with child abuse if you harm or threated to harm a child through purposeful physical or mental injury, sexual abuse or exploitation, or maltreatment. Child neglect charges come when a parent or guardian harm to threaten to harm a child’s health and wellbeing by failing to provide the necessary food, shelter, clothing and medical care, or place a child in a potentially harmful situation without considering the potential effects on the child.

Parents are not the only ones that can be charged with child abuse or neglect. Members of the clergy, teachers and teacher’s aides, and anyone involved in children’s health and welfare can also be investigated. If you have been accused of driving under the influence with a child in the car, it’s important to start defending your name early in your case. The sooner you enlist the services of a skilled defense lawyer, the better your chances are of proving your innocence.

What Is a Mandated Reporter?

Mandated reporters are individuals that are required by law to report any signs of child abuse or neglect. Mandated reporters in Michigan are typically individuals in positions of trust or influence. Some examples are health care providers, teachers, and caregivers. While mandated reporters typically are aware of the signs of child abuse and neglect, there are times when they misread a situation or don’t have all of the facts straight. If a mandated reporter filed a false claim about the wellbeing of your child or children, hiring an attorney is the first step in fighting back. Hire a lawyer as soon as you learn that you are under investigation by CPS.

DUI Cases and CPS Investigations in Michigan

One of the most common mistakes innocent defendants make is failing to hire a defense attorney. Assuming that police, prosecutors, and CPS workers will uncover the truth is risky. It is important to remember that they are searching for evidence to prove that you are guilty. You lawyer is the only one on your side, looking for ways to validate your story and clear your name. The Grabel & Associates team makes it easy for individuals to find an experienced defense lawyer. We provide everyone that calls with a free initial case consultation to help them determine if we are the right fit for them. Afterwards, we will offer to connect you with a lawyer that has substantial experience. If you are not comfortable moving forward after hearing our suggestions, there is no pressure to proceed. If you are facing a DUI or CPS investigation, pick up the phone and call us now. There is no reason to put off the first steps in proving your innocence.

Contact Us for 24/7 Criminal Defense in Michigan

If you are involved in a DUI case and you are looking for an attorney that supports you, call 1-800-342-7896 or contact us online. We understand the severity of the charges you are up against and promise to take our responsibility as your defense attorney seriously. Your case will have our full attention and receive a completely customized defense strategy that will give you the best shot at receiving a favorable outcome.

If you are under investigation, pick up the phone and call us now. Your future and the future of your family depends on it.

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Scott and Bob achieved exactly the result I was looking for. They were prompt and effective. If I ever have any other legal issues (which hopefully I don't)... I'd certainly work with them again. M. C.
Scott Grabel was kind enough to look into my situation and take his time to speak with me free of charge. Most attorneys will not do that. He gave me reassurance that I had nothing to worry about. If I am ever in need of an attorney in the future I will be calling Scott Grabel and will highly recommend him to anyone with a legal issue. G. K.
Highly recommended lawyer! Mr. Grabel is very professional and knowledgable. My case happened suddenly on Saturday, but Mr. Grabel is 24/7 on call, which was what I needed. I called on Saturday night and the front desk told me I would hear back from the lawyer shortly. Only 30mins later, I got a call from Mr. Grabel himself and he eased my anxiety quickly by explaining the situation and options I had. I knew I was in good hands. ... Z. W.