Cost of a DUI Conviction in Michigan

The penalties for being convicted of a DUI in Michigan can be very costly and expensive. The fines and penalties imposed by the Court for a first offense are $100 to $500 and $200 to $1,000 for a second or third offense. Costs involve more than just the fines and penalties imposed by the Court. Other costs you may have to pay include higher insurance premiums, Secretary of State fees in order to have your license reinstated, fees from rehabilitation programs, and attorneys’ fees.

Other Expected Costs of a DUI Charge

Ignition interlock devices will also be required as part of a sentence for a second or third DUI conviction, and it may be required for even the first offense. Ignition interlock devices are expensive to install and maintain. Installation costs are $100 to $200, and monthly rental fees range from $75 to $100. You will also need to pay for regular calibration and maintenance fees, which are additional costs.

Another cost to expect is the amount of money that is set for your bond when you are arrested, which can range from $185 to $5,000. Court costs may be up to $1,500 and an alcohol education class can cost as much as $200.

A DUI conviction suspends your license, possibly for up to a year. You will have to pay a restoration fee to the Secretary of State’s office in order to get your license back, which can cost $560 for a first-time offender and over $1,000 for a multiple-conviction offender.

DUI Affects your Car Insurance Premium Payment

A DUI conviction can increase your car insurance premium payments. The average increase in Michigan is about 20%, but the increase can vary depending on factors such as what insurance company you have, where you live, and what else is on your driving record. High-risk insurance is generally required for three years after a person is convicted, and that insurance costs an additional average of $1,500 per year.

The Financial Impact of a DUI in MI

In addition to all of the fines, reinstatement fees, ignition interlock device fees, attorneys fees, and higher insurance premiums, a person convicted of a DUI in Michigan may feel a larger financial impact if that person loses his or her job. The requirements of appearing in court, attending alcohol education classes, doing community service and counseling, or serving time in jail may affect your ability to keep your job at all, or it will significantly reduce the number of hours you can work. If you do lose your job, a conviction may hinder your ability to find a new job, as many employers run a background check before they will hire a new employee.

The Emotional Impact of a DUI

For those who are employed as a driver and maintain a CDL license, a DUI conviction in Michigan means that you will forever lose your privilege to have a CDL license, which means that you will lose your job. A conviction may also affect the status of professional licenses to fly airplanes or practice medicine.

The emotional consequences of a DUI conviction are also severe, as you may be sentenced to jail time. You may also have to attend alcohol rehabilitation classes, which can put a strain on your home and family life. Unemployment due to a conviction can also impact your emotional health, and the actual costs of receiving the DUI conviction can have an impact on other areas of your life. Having a suspended license could mean that you have difficulty doing all of the things you’re used to doing, such as driving to work or school. Relying on others to drive for you may affect your relationships with the people you have to rely on.

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