Boating Under the Influence (BUI)

In Michigan law, there are special DUI clauses for driving a motorized water vehicle while impaired and for carrying a concealed weapon while driving intoxicated.

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In addition to operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, boating under the influence is also illegal in Michigan. You can be convicted of a BUI if your BAC limit is .10 or above and you are operating a boat or personal watercraft, such as a jet ski. The penalties for a BUI conviction are similar to a conviction for a DUI, which means that you can be sentenced to jail time, receive fines, and have your driver’s license suspended. Michigan’s Implied Consent law also applies to BUIs.

It is important to understand that being on the water can affect an operator’s impairment more than operating a motor vehicle. The wind, sun, engine noise, vibration, and motion of the boat can all lead to increased impairment. Boating is also seen as a social event, which leads people to not truly think through the consequences of drinking while boating.

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