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Adjudicatory Hearing (CPS) for OWI Charges in Michigan

Adjudicatory Hearing: This is a crucial stage of your case. CPS will present evidence and testimony to build their case and your CPS attorney will do the same, attempting to prove your innocence. Once all of the information has been laid out before the judge, he or she will decide if there is enough evidence to support the allegations made against you. If your lawyer proves there is not, the charges will be dismissed.

Our Approach to Adjudicatory Hearings

Driving under the influence can be difficult for prosecutors to prove. The police have a strict protocol they must follow when collecting evidence and administering Breathalyzer tests. If they did not adhere to the laws in place, their evidence will be deemed inadmissible in court. Your defense attorney will work to establish doubt, showing there is not enough evidence to support the claims made by CPS. When given enough time to prepare, your attorney can conduct his or her own investigation, building a strong case for your innocence. The sooner you connect with us, the better we can serve you. If you need help navigating your CPS and DUI case, contact us today.

Complex CPS Investigations

Child abuse charges are serious and CPS investigations are very complex. If you’re a parent or guardian that has been caught driving drunk, you could potentially face multiple criminal charges that may result in large fines, license revocation, jail time, and loss of custody of your children. To successfully combat these life-altering penalties, you’ll need the assistance of a skilled defense attorney. The Grabel & Associates team has been working on Michigan DUI cases for over 15 years and understands what it takes to win. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of Michigan drunk driving laws and will use their knowledge to earn you a favorable result. If you’ve been accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and harming your children, pick up the phone and call our toll-free hotline today. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with unrivaled legal advice.

Stages of a CPS Case in Michigan

Calling an attorney when you first receive word that you are under investigation will give you a big advantage in your case. Your lawyer will prepare you for dealing with CPS and counsel you on how to approach your defense. He or she can also begin conducting their own investigation to ensure all of the facts are straight. If CPS finds information that seemingly points to your guilt, they may want to remove your children from your home. If this happens, your case will proceed to the preliminary hearing.

Preliminary Hearing: Within 72 hours of taking your children, CPS will need to appear before a judge and explain the details of your case. If you do not have an attorney at this point, the less you say, the better off you will be.

Plea Hearing: During the plea hearing, you enter your plea to the allegations you’re facing. Your attorney will advise you of the best way to proceed. If you still do not have legal representation, you will be assigned an attorney at this time. It’s very important to attend this hearing. Your absence means an automatic victory for CPS.

Adjudicatory Hearing. (See Above)

Review and Dispositional Hearing: If you’re found guilty, a plan of action to protect your children will be laid out. You can review this plan and agree or disagree with the action CPS suggests.

Review Hearings and Permanency Hearings: After six months of complying with the plan CPS put together, your case will be reviewed again. If your condition has improved, you may regain custody of your children. If not, more time will pass before your case is reviewed again. At the end of an allotted period of time, a permanency hearing will be held. If you show no signs of improvement, you will permanently lose custody of your child or children.

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Scott and Bob achieved exactly the result I was looking for. They were prompt and effective. If I ever have any other legal issues (which hopefully I don't)... I'd certainly work with them again. M. C.
Scott Grabel was kind enough to look into my situation and take his time to speak with me free of charge. Most attorneys will not do that. He gave me reassurance that I had nothing to worry about. If I am ever in need of an attorney in the future I will be calling Scott Grabel and will highly recommend him to anyone with a legal issue. G. K.
Highly recommended lawyer! Mr. Grabel is very professional and knowledgable. My case happened suddenly on Saturday, but Mr. Grabel is 24/7 on call, which was what I needed. I called on Saturday night and the front desk told me I would hear back from the lawyer shortly. Only 30mins later, I got a call from Mr. Grabel himself and he eased my anxiety quickly by explaining the situation and options I had. I knew I was in good hands. ... Z. W.